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Terms of Service Agreement

Payment terms

Customer agrees that the funds paid are a deposit against the cost services provided by Eagle Movers Inc.  Customer authorizes payment of final bill with the credit card used to secure this letter of authority. Terms of payment are 10 days subject to 1.5 percent interest per month on the unpaid balance thereafter.

Application of rates

Job time:  Hourly rates published on this website shall apply to the time it takes to remove the goods from the premise, load on to a truck or curbside and/or deliver goods to the dock at Eagle Movers, based on the hourly rated stated. Billing is prorated by the quarter hour.

Travel Time

Eagle Movers shall charge a minimum of ½ hour to the job and ½ hour from the job within Milwaukee County. Outside the county travel time will be billed as actual travel time to and from the job.

Size of crew

Crew size hall be determined by request of the sheriff department.  In some cases in order to expedite a crew extra labor may be required. Hourly rates will be charged based on size of crew

Time delays

Customer shall be responsible for costs incurred due to delays of the move caused by situations that are not the control of the Eagle Movers Inc.  including, but not limited to, disorderly tenants, delays in gaining entrance to the building, delays in waiting for the Sheriff to arrive on the scene, waiting for building managers or landlords to arrive on scene, miscommunications caused by the sheriff’s department and or landlord , criminal investigations during the eviction, delays caused by injuries during the eviction or court actions.

Cancellation of services

In the event of a cancellation of services, it is the responsibility of the landlord to call both the sheriff’s department and Eagle Movers. A $100.00 cancellation fee will apply if the job is cancelled before the movers are dispatched to the job.   If movers are dispatched to the residence then a one hour travel time will be charged to the bill even if the job is cancelled in route.

Commercial moves

If any specialized equipment is needed (i.e. forklifts, lift gates high jacks) additional expense may be incurred.

Landlord designated items not to be moved

Landlord shall put in writing items not to be moved on the letter of authority because of landlord ownership including appliances and furniture.  Items must be specifically identified.

Storage lockers

In the case of a storage locker in a multi unit household or apartment, movers may choose not take contents unless the storage is positively identified by the owner of the contents.

Items not placed into storage

Sheriff’s Department has discretion to not store items that are  soiled ,broken, damaged, have missing parts or pieces, are worn , torn, outdated, insect infested or have no monetary value, etc.  However, we will place these items curbside for the landlord or tenant if requested.

Damage to property

Eagle Movers will not be responsible for questionable damage to unit as a result of an eviction.  If the employees of Eagle Movers do not think that any specific item can be moved safely or without damaging the unit then the movers shall have the option of not moving that specific item. If the movers do not think that any specific item can be moved because of issues of building safety then the movers may choose not to move that item. 

Eagle Movers will not handle items considered dangerous or infectious.