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Want more information or an estimate for your move? Call us today at 414-383-1776.


IN PERSON — Come to our office at 929 W. Bruce St. in Milwaukee (Monday-Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM or Saturday 8 am to noon). You may place your deposit of $350 with a check, cash or a credit card. We will personally help you through the eviction process by answering any questions you have. 


BY PHONE — Call 414-383-1776 and request a LETTER OF AUTHORITY over the phone using a credit card. We will not charge the credit card until the job is done, but we will place an authorization on it for $350. We will fax your LETTER OF AUTHORITY to either you or directly to the Sheriff’s Department.


ONLINE — Get your LETTER OF AUTHORITY online here. You have three online options:

  • One Time Users who want to use a credit card and who don’t want to create an online profile CLICK HERE.
  • Users who wish to create an online profile for future convenience for credit card payments CLICK HERE.
  • Landlords that possess, or wish to request, an “Eagle Moving Line of Credit” CLICK HERE.
    (NOTE: First time users will have to fill out a credit application. This may take up to one week. After thay, no credit card will be needed as you will be billed directly for services.)

If you need assistance in creating your profile, or have any questions about the process, please contact us during regular business hours.